Download free PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.10.0 By Tencent Games

PUBG MOBILE LITE 0.10.0 With lite file - Player Unknown Battleground Lite

It is the best trending popular game in the world. More than 100 Million peoples are now PUBG mobile on their android. But some of the android mobiles has low specifications for this game to run. So there is another Version of Player Unknown Battleground mobile for the low specs mobile. And Name of this lite version is PUBG Mobile Lite.

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Player Unknown Battleground Lite

PUBG Mobile launched on February 2017. But the pc version of PUBG PC is already launched on steam. As days are passed PUBG became most popular in the world. So craze of this game is increased in the young people. But most of them have low-performance mobile. And they cannot run PUBG MOBILE game on mobile. So For this mobile users PUBG mobile launch new version PUBG Mobile Lite. So this PUBG lite can run on every android mobile.

About PUBG Mobile Lite

So PUBG Mobile Lite now comes in the market. And the memory of this lite version is also lite. And this lite version of the game also made and launched by Tencent. And the normal version and the lite version has 90% equality. Just the graphics of the PUBG Lite are lower than normal PUBG.

Both Games looks same. But the lite version has low graphics. The weapons used in this game are made by real inspiration. Because audio of the gun firing is the same as real. And designers keep same the design and the power of the guns are real. In the games, guns perform exactly the same as real guns. And the power damage is also made by good research.
Because of the low specs, 40 people participate in the single match. And it has high-quality graphics compare to mobile quality. And the audio quality is HD audio. And full PUBG Lite has 3D audio effect for the best experience. And the map size is also large for good entertainment. Weapons used in the game are all realistic weapons. So this property of the game increases our adventure for the game. In this game, we can play with friends in squad mode. So we can play together and beat the enemy team. And voice chat is there for communicating with our friends.
This game does not support any cheats and other cheating materials. So the interest in this game is very good. 

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